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Awakening again movie text

Szilárd Horváth presents

channelled by Ildikó Ferenc

Awakening again

messages from the heavenly world


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The time has come for you to receive information about how you can help yourselves so that you can reach a new form of existence and total renewal . It is an old and dusty rule of the game which ,if observed, shall guide us all from lovessness to love
there shall not be so much bitterness, pain, anger and greed; there shall be no remorse, self-reproach, only pure love on the Earth
Many excellent civilisations and societies Iiving and developing in harmony with nature and the Universe have already fallen since they were unable to experience the love and light in them for which they hand been created
there would never have been need for so many animal and human sacrifices and wars !
There is still hope that the tiny bit of love that is still left in people's hearts can swell into a river from now on, can spread and get united in a huge ocean to create a chance for those with the desire deep down inside to take a dip in the redeeming spa .
We ask you with utmost fainth,humility and love to listen to us .

My name is Ildikó Ferenc . I was born to the earthly world to create peace and harmony in people's hearts and to create the opportunity for their getting to know themselves and a world in which so much love exists as in our hearts .
I have come down as an emissary of such a heavenly world in which the opportunity has been created for us to find ourselves at last and get to know the source of our deepest earthly existence .

I got qualified as a teacher and it has been a long way for me to be able to perceive the world around us so deeply and strongly . I have climbed higher and higher in the ranks of heavenly knowledge so that I complete all that I have been born for .
It was not me that chose my way but I have been chosen by the heavenly world for this task . I was taught by Jesus to perceive deeper and deeper all that is not visible to the eye .
My perception of energies has been improved by Him and I was also taught by many archangels so that I could pass on the messages of the heavenly world well-prepared .
Not only from the heaven, but also from the intermediate sphere there are many beside me who help me perceive their energies and perceive and channel the enrgies of passed away spirits .
They teach me with love and take me along my way with even more love since it is necessary for more and more people to perceive what is not visible to our eyes and hear what is not audible to our ears .

Thery visited me several times in my childhood and I have perceived the strength and energy in me in which it was not me that was the determining factor but the mission, it was no me that wanted to develop ever strongly,it was
after all, all inevitable and unavoidable .
First I heard and sensed them but it was Jesus that showed me the depth of the spiritual world, and all that people are afraid of was so natural to me as a child.

I like them; I like all the spiritual beings that have left our earthly world and the heavenly masters and all the out-of-this-world beings that are beside me and beside us so that we could fulfil ourselves with their help.
Every person is born down here in love and in love they leave for the heavenly world whose messages I pass on day after day thereby trying to change people's way of thinking .
Fulfilment, experience and perception is what I am here for and inner harmony, peace,courage,strength, love, honour, purity and honesty is what I am handing over to You now and until the world ends..
I am complying with the request of the heavenly world so that,by your expeiencing your pure and selves, an aspiration for love be started in the earthly world, and a desire, having seen your lives purely , to think about whether it is really the most imprortant thing that you have lived so far or there is something that fills you with such deep emotions and starts such a deep love in you that could become part of your life from now on. This is my task;by experiencing the love of the heavenly world, to pass on to You all that can make your lives better and cant start purification in you in the hope of a more beautiful live ...

Gabriel Archagel
You have created a picture in you and now would like us to talk about that picture to you. You have created a world in you and would like us to praise it to you. You have created a life in you and would like this life to permeate the whole universe, and that this life should all be about everybody leading such a happy, cheerful and harmonic life. If this is what you would like, do not watch us. We are not going to tell you about this and we cannot tell you that everything is perfect as it is or everything you have so far lived in is harmonic the way you think. We are not going to tell you about this today, we are simply telling you and advising you how you should change your life so that at last you can experience what you would really like to.
I am Archangel Gabriel. Let me greet you with love.
In the feeling you carry in your hearts, there live you all, there also live us and a heavenly world that includes the Universe too. What can you see in the sky when you lift your eyes?

Stars, sunshine, the moon, but in them we are also all present as well as a universal force that you do not even suspect the existence of.
This force includes a feeling, a feeling of immense love or love energy that also lives in your hearts.
You have created your own reality in love and have somewhat got lost in it.
All the feelings you experienced up there have got lost and all is lost that you represented up there.
In love there appeared a force, a lack of energy, in which you could get lost and not fulfil yourselves.

Such energy appeared in love that evoked just the opposite in you.
A feeling in which you were unable to make yourselves whole, and thereby you could no longer stand by each other as you should have. From that point on, you antagonised each other instead and did not feel the love energy from each other, and therefore the change started all the more and you were unable to experience peace, harmony and the balanced existence that you used to experience up there.
In love a world would have been created here on the Earth in which there is peace, harmony and balance, and there shines the flame of pure heavenly love.
But you were unable to create all this since you had been overwhelmed by a feeling in which the goods of the earthly life and the material items of the earthly world were more important to you than the sound of the heart.
You hold everything in your hearts.
Speaking from your hearts is speaking the sound of love.
Acting from your hearts is showing love towards others and accepting everything you get from others.
But you are not able to love even yourselves.
How shall I experience my love towards myself?’ you ask me.
How should I realise everything I used to experience up there?’ you can ask from us.

And I can reply, ‘Stand in front of the mirror and look into yourself a little, think about your life, think about your fate and think about what you have done so far in the earthly world.

Who are the ones you have helped so far and who are the ones whom you have no longer been able to help but would have been next to.
Look into yourself and think about what the sound of the heart really is!
Can you hear what your heart is telling you?
Have you thought about how many people need help here in this world?
Have you considered how many people would need the sound of your heart, the love of your heart, and everything that you represented up in the heavenly world?’
I have come down among you now to tell you, people, that the love you represented up there can also be realised down here, in the earthly world.
A desire lives in every person’s heart, a huge fire and an immense will.
From these emotions the frequencies can be created that comprise inner harmony and that you can show towards the others.
As soon as they are created in you, can we say that heavenly love has also been created down here, in the earthly world.
I ask you to experience yourselves, try to love yourselves and thereby create your own realities by experiencing your own love, the love of others and yourselves in others, and from that point on, every person will be able to experience the immense energy that you have brought down from up there.
I would furthermore like to ask you to be honest with each other and exist and live in the way you did up there and in the way you represented the energies up there that you have so far been unable to fulfil.
The heavenly world is asking you to start to learn, start to develop and start to teach the other people what the sound of the heart really is, how they can experience their own love and how they can fulfil themselves in the others.

It can only happen and you can only start along this path if you open up your heart and start filling up the others with love.
Please, do not deny the love you represented up there from the others or from yourself.
How can those who cannot love and accept themselves love the others?
How can you think that you can create your own peace and harmony here in the earthly world if you are unable to face yourself and notice your own impurities.

Do not think we cannot see them.
Do not think that you can hide away the sorrow, the pain you experienced in a given context or situation in life from anyone, where you also suffered damages, not only the other person.

You have everything in your emotions. In your emotions there is the desire to experience yourself honestly, purely and with love and pass it on to others.
I, Archangel Gabriel, am sending this message to you now, so that you would live here on the Earth with love, peace and harmony and express everything that you also created in you up here, in the heavenly world, to each other honestly and purely. Thank you.

In the ancient times, when the first creatures were born, the Eart was still moving actively . At times, whole continents began to move, pushing against each other, and ths process was coupled by countless fearful movements of the earth and enormous clatter . The
living worldd already existing at the times experienced this proccess with immense terror .
This terror was passed down from generation,which planted the seed of fear in all to come later. This is a kind of negative collective energy ….if that worked, positive collective energy will have to work too

When the Earth got created, a huge energy pulse was present around the earthly world and this pulse also affected your Earth.
Within the Earth, a vast lack of energy got created and a very low frequency of energy got started in which actually every living creature on and around the Earth perished .
From that time on, nothing else really happened but an energy shell evolved around the Earth which also contained the frequency of lovelessness.
And in this lovelessness people were unable to experience what they got born down for.
Actually, it is not only your fault that you are unable to experience pure and honest love in your earthly world but is also the consequence of this initial prime energy.
This energy consisted of an immense universal energy and as a result of this energy – or rather lack of energy – a change also got started in you.

You tried to fight for love and tried to fight your way to love so to say.
But the more you fought for it, the fainter you became and from then on, you were less and less able to realise yourselves here in your earthly world.
Each force carries an emotion and each force carries the lust for power that is targeted at creating itself.

Your earthly energies are controlled by these forces and the energies embodied by lust for power and therefore it is really very difficult to experience love.
It is very hard to exist in the earthly world, in your earthly world, so that you would experience this love with such lust for power and within such a force-centred energy space and energy field.
Therefore the heavenly world has been so keen on supporting your earthly mission.
Every single person who has been born to the earthly world has been given guardian angels. These guardian angels are basically love energies that help your way and guide you back to the path of love.
But do not think that it makes your life that easy, since you have brought down a huge energy with yourselves and in this energy of yours there is your free will and your free capacity to create and embody things.

And from this point on, as you are trying to be yourselves within the energy shell represented by lust for power and will, you are not really able to experience your own love.
Needless is the guardian angel as well as the support of the heavenly world, and everything they have so far represented and tried to pass on to you and tried to help you beyond their power only for you to be able to live longer in your earthly world and keep carrying on all the energy that is deep down in your hearts.
But I am afraid that this energy is getting lost more and more as the lack of energy around the earthly world is getting thicker.
Ever since the birth of the Earth, by the time it had already been present, it has been deepening in you ever more.
The lack of energy is increasing around you, the atmosphere of the Earth is getting thicker, and love energy cannot penetrate it to reach you and this love energy cannot exert an influence on you as it should.
That is exactly why the heavenly world has decided to concentrate powers and push down heavenly energies into near Earth layers.
This means that an enormous purification process is going to be started in you.
They are forced to start a purification process from up there in which you can really find your way back to the ancient energy that you represented upon your first birth.
This ancient energy is love.
This huge love is the flame that lives in your hearts and that has been suppressed in you by the ancient lack of energy we have mentioned, which started from the centre of the Earth.
Now we are trying to guide you back to this seed of love since the Earth is need of help.
The Earth needs to be rescued by you and the Earth needs to be purified at last of your lacks of energy.

You have created this lack of energy around you by getting involved in it, and have been carrying this lack of energy into which you were born and topped it with things you did and lives you have lived here.
We do not want to hurt you and neither would we like you to feel that we wanted to suppress the earthly world, but you must also know that this lack of energy cannot be carried further.

Such a vast drop in frequency has occurred in the vicinity of the earthly world and therefore in you by which you are endangering the existence of the Earth and thereby the existence of the other planets and the universal forces.
We were forced to tell the heavenly world to start pushing its energies down to the Earth more and more and create lovelessness in you so that you can experience all your previous lives that you have been unable to get purified from.

They are basically faced with a forced solution and the most important would be for you to help them and help the world that has given you immense love energies up to now.

They are no longer able to surpass this lovelessness and assume all the pain and sorrow from you that you have been carrying in you for several lives.
They are forced to clear away all that you have created down here from you and start to purify you totally so that you can live in a completely happy and new world.

Their energy has run out too, and from now on, they are trying to help you like a purifying fire by pressing these energies downwards so that you could help yourselves by getting purified of yourselves.
Think about it.
If such a purifying energy is started towards you, grave doubts, tremendous pains and sorrows will emerge from you and you shall not be able to create the love in you that you should in fact have created.

You shall not be able to withstand and you shall not be able to recognise and face yourselves, because you will be lost in your own lacks of energy that you have generated so far.
This is exactly why we would like to advise you now.
We would like to advise you that every person living here in the earthly world has started out along the path of change.
Such energy has been unleashed in you that you cannot get rid of and that you cannot exit unless you complete this purification process.

And purification means that you start to process every pain and sorrow experienced in all your earlier lives, and your spirit is starting to get purified.
You are capable of this and you must believe that you shall again be capable of creating the love in you that you used to represent and what you professed and propagated up in the heavenly world.
We ask you to be patient with each other, to have faith and be tolerant with each other since the energy is started in every single person.
From this time on, people will be jumpier, tenser, angrier and more furious with each other, and unable to manage the lacks of energy that they should already have resolved and have stored away in themselves in their previous lives.
But your spirits have decided to get purified.
Every person has a tremendous energy shell or energy behind you that leads you along your way.
This energy is a spirit.
It is the energy that guides your lives and leads you along your courses of life, and which is called ‘spirit’ by the earthly name you have given it.
This spirit, which is also next to you at the moment of your births, is leading your whole lives, and when you leave this place and the earthly world, it is actually staying with you.
Like in a circle, it participates in every life of yours, accompanies you in every life of yours and tries to develop and learn.
And now your own spirits have decided to start out along the path of purification.
You spirits have undertaken to try and be part of a new world which only the purest energies, the purest love frequencies share.
This is why your spirit requires development.
This is why it is necessary for your spirit to have an immense purification process started that you were unable to realise in your earlier lives.
This is why it is necessary now to be aware of your task here in the earthly world.
Help your spirit, support it in starting out along the path of purification and help it to survive it.

Your spirit is not going to be choosy of its tools.

It is not going to say, ‘I shall take pity on you as physical body and ego since I have seen that you have only been suffering in this life and now I am not going to cause you any more troubles.’
Your spirit wants to get purified and since our spiritual existence is the most important from now on, let me remind you, it is not going to choose its tools.
You spirit is going to say, if you are unable to get purified and receive the energy that is being pushed towards you by the heavenly energies and love frequencies, it will leave this earthly world and follow its own way.
This will mean that you are either going to fall ill in enormous pains or exit your earthly life in another way.
It is not enticing or joyful for people to hear, but this energy has in fact been launched.
The energy is irrevocable and the opportunity has been created in you to start out along the path of purification and create the peace and harmony in you that is necessary for you to become part of a new world.

Please, do not want to act in another way since you cannot reverse these energies and you cannot deny yourself.
You may have lived several hundreds of lives down here in the earthly world or perhaps several thousands of lives or just ten or twenty lives.
But even in these ten or twenty lives you may not have fulfilled so many tasks and to realise so much development that would allow your spirit to reach a higher level of love frequency.
That is why I am telling you that the tasks you have deferred or missed will have to be made up for now, and time is tight.
The heavenly world has no time because the lack of energy that you have started has already been created in the heavenly world.
From now on, the heavenly world is forced to say that it is in need of help itself and can only help you by starting such energy in you that you can get purified of from your own strength.
Let me ask you to understand this and do not get indignant, do not be annoyed at hearing these words because it is necessary for you to know that the heavenly world is still beside you, loves you and helps your lives.
But you must also know that you are responsible for your own lives, you are able to develop and teach yourselves, and through your spirit you shall be able to create the strength in you by which you shall experience your true and pure love. Thank you.

Messages from the Universe

It seemed that humanity is no lonnger able to stop let alone reverse this process, The lack of love feeding on fear . That is whg God sent Jesus who, although possessed immense strength and love and exerted an influence on the world that is still present millennia after his existence,was unable to purify all human hearts by the ligt of his pure love . Therefore they promised that he would com again ….....

Our aim is to create the harmony of the earthly world.
We have been carried away by the energies we live in.
It is an interminable process that has started. Such an energetic change has incalculable consequences.
We love the Earth.
The sunlight, the chirping of the birds, the warmth of the fire, the harmony in nature and the soft and silken touch of morning dew.
What you have been and what you have wanted to become. We did not know that you were able to generate such a lack of energy in yourselves and in others.
We had faith and believed that in what we had once created light and love would live further and would be able to endure getting born as a human being and live on.
We fear for You and the planet we have created, the light we have given, and the faith in which we exist.
We did not want to start this change but you must experience yourselves so that you would be able to proceed to a higher level of development.
I have asked the universal world, derived from my divine force, to help You, and we are now trying to show You the way, and tell you in what danger everything that used to be embraced by happiness, light and love is.
I can only help this way now, and tell you what enormous task we are faced with, and reassure you that love is the basis of creating the universe and this love I have given You is also alive in you.

This love must lead you on.
We have received nothing for free, and we have received nothing without sacrifices, still the time has come for you not to become sacrifices at last, but to discover the seed of your godly perfection in yourselves.
You exist and live with us, and the world that surrounds you exists and lives with us.
We shall get merged into you because we must help you through your earthly energies this time, and thereby we are helping ourselves too since that is how we shall be able to experience everything You exist and have existed in for so many lives.
You must see the beauty in yourselves, you must see all that you have so far been unable to see in yourselves, and believe that you have in fact been born to be good and that are able to love

Gabriel Archangel
The time comes in every person’s life when we can decide our own fate.
The time comes in every person’s life when we can decide what we want to start and want to develop into.
People are afraid of decisions in their lives.
They are afraid to experience themselves and face what is deep down inside them.
Basically, every person has the desire to experience pure and honest feelings: purity, honesty, light, harmony, love, and make whatever there is in them and lives in them appear also in their external worlds.
But why can’t we realise it?
Why are we afraid of changes?
Why are we afraid to say things?
Why can’t we realise everything we feel inside?
Why do we think that we would offend others?
Why do we think that if we said what is real, true and honest, others would not understand us.
Unfortunately, this is how it is in this earthly world.
Such energy has been created in us that sets limits to and restricts our behaviour, our conduct and, what’s more, our thoughts.
It limits everything we represent here in the earthly world.
How could we love and live in peace and harmony if we do not possess the peace, harmony and decency towards other people, not even to ourselves?
I am only decent and able to accept and love myself if I am able to tell others all I feel and think inside and everything that expresses my world of emotions, and I am able to really show myself.
I am asking you to try and express your own feelings and thoughts.
Please, try to create what you would really wish to represent and would represent if you could be yourselves.
Can you really be yourselves?’, this is already the question now.
Do you in fact know what the change in your life is that you must make so that you could really be yourselves?
It is also very difficult.
It is difficult to realise what makes me myself.
Since a transformation started in you, and a was of thinking started in the material and physical world where your limits and boundaries are in fact the physical matter and the reality you can see.
It is the reality that can be experienced with two eyes and, from this point on, you overrule and doubt the existence of anything else.
But let me, Archangel Gabriel, say to you and ask from you if it is necessary for you to see us.
Is it necessary for you to feel us?
Is it necessary for us to be in your lives every day and be seen even day after day beside you?

I say it is not necessary since you must feel us in your hearts.
You must feel the love in your hearts that the heavenly world has provided so far to you.
How often have you gone out to ask for things from us, how often have you been to church and thought about whom you are saying your prayers to?
Have you ever thought about who the heavenly world in fact is?
Who are the ones that represent the heavenly world?
What do they consist of?
What do they look like?
What do they do for us?
Or did you just think and believe that what is written in the books is how it is?
The heavenly world is basically an immense energy.
It is an immense energy shell around you and the whole earthly world in which vast love energies are present.
Such a love frequency has got realised here at which we can operate and in which there is consent, harmony and equilibrium.
But has it also all got created in your earthly world?
We tried to help create it for you and be beside you in your problems, and all kinds of troubles and suppressed emotions in which you were unable to experience yourselves and thereby your own reality.
We did try to help but felt and do feel that we are already insufficient for the earthly world.

So little is the love energy and love frequency that we represent that we can no longer tolerate and absorb (I should rather say absorb) the lacks of energy you generate on the Earth.

But what are they really?
There is so much sorrow, pain and lovelessness in your hearts that you are unable to experience yourselves and you are unable to see clearly and look into each other’s eyes while talking about your own emotions honestly.
You cannot say to the other person honestly and purely that ‘I love you’.
You cannot say to the other person that ‘I would so much like to be beside you now and help, just to hold your hand.
Let me stand by you and try and help you.’
Or even if someone says so, the other might just shovel or push him or her away thinking that he or she is driven by ill-will.
And this is exactly what really started a pain and sorrow in you in which you are getting closeted and isolated from each other more and more.
Still we can look into your hearts, and see that there lives the desire and aspiration for love in every person that you should have realised during the lives you have lived so far.
But it is too late now.
We are unable to help you if you are unable to change.
We are unable to help you if you are unable to
recognise everything that you should have realised once.
If you are unable to recognise love, honesty and purity in you and transfer them all, and accept yourselves purely and squarely before the other person and also accept that other person before you.
Let me also ask you to try and think differently, try to love yourselves, the other person and try and accept also the heavenly world as if it was natural to you.

We, who live in the heavenly world now and are talking to the emissaries of the heavenly world, say that we would like to see an immense love energy started as a result of this video and an immense love frequency also in your hearts in which you at last recognise your own tasks.
We have not come to you to hold forth or make speeches so that you would shoo us away asking what the heavenly world is to us.
We have come down to you to ask you for help.
We have been helping you for so many years.
We have been trying to give you energy, love, abundance and harmony and create peace in your hearts for so many millennia.
But let me ask you ‘Have you managed to absorb these all?’
Look into yourselves a little and think about your lives.
Try to see a little bit more broadly and look beyond the physical and material reality, and also notice what is not really tangible but still exists.
Listen to you hearts and listen to the inner voice that tells you that yes, the heavenly world has helped us so far and is still standing beside us now but I am now able to create love in me so that I can also help them.
Let me ask you to help each other since, by helping each other, you are strengthening your love and you shall also be able to help us and thereby save the heavenly world too.
And we can help you by bringing the heavenly world ever closer to the Earth and pressing the love frequencies lower and lower more and more, and create the desire in you to be able to live even purer and ever more honestly.
But an immense purification process is required for this that we have already talked about.
And this purification process is not going to be pleasant, but afterwards, whoever dare face themselves and capture the love in themselves they used to represent up there shall surely have a happy, rich, balanced and harmonic life.
Thank you.

Messages from the Universe

We have been waiting for it for so long and also mankind has been waiting for it for so long that we would bring peace from up there.
Not from the heavenly world but from the level of universal energy in which the heavenly world is also given a role in fact but the earthly world is being less and less the part of.
Your earthly world is on the way out; such a lack of energy has been started in your earthly world that is irreversible.
And in this irreversible lack of energy you are involved most since you have been unable to follow the path of love.
You have been unable to create the strength in you to at last recognise all the lovelessness in you that you should let go of.

You have been unable to let go of all the lovelessness that you have been carrying for centuries in your disharmony, and created a world around you by your unbalanced lives in which you have been unable to experience the pure, heavenly love that you used to represent up there.
We are unable to tolerate and forgive all these, we are unable to see how the earthly world is going to ruins, how you are ruining the Earth and thereby all the other planets around you.

This lack of energy sniffs you in and the earthly disharmony generated by your own lack of energy is going to be your undoing.
You are unable to understand that these are not mere words, not only heavenly statements or sentences taken out from any higher order revelations, but it is actually the pure and honest truth.
Mankind has accumulated such a lack of energy in the course of its evolution in which it cannot realise itself and cannot see clearly what is around it.
You are unable to walk with open eyes and still insist that you need your eyesight for what you can see around you.
You are unable to see that you physical world is a trap.
You are unable to see that you are caught in that trap and you are unable to open towards a world that is your own inner world.
Imagine the force that is working in you now.

This force is disharmony, imbalance and lovelessness.
This force is not about love.
If you consider what others have, if you see how much you are more than the other, how much more you do than your neighbour or the third or fourth person and therefore you think that you are a better person, you are mistaken.
You are not a better person by this.
You should rather think about whom you could help with pure heart.
And who you are if you have such thoughts about yourself.
Pure heartedness is not about placing myself over others.
Pure heartedness is about being humble about what I have to experience, and undertaking the tasks with humbleness and love that are assigned to me by the heavenly world.
And these are only for my spirit to develop.
They are only for you to start out along a path in the earthly world that leads you towards love.
I do not say that it is going to be an easy task.
I say that it must be coped with since in the evolution of mankind you have not progressed but regressed in love.
You did not develop forward only backward.
Although you have accumulated and generated a lot of goods and material assets around you, you have been unable to create the most important asset in you that keeps the whole universe together.
And it is nothing else but love.
If there is no love in you, the earthly world will die since you shall be unable to keep each other together and you shall be unable to keep yourselves together and shall be unable to keep your earthly world together.
It is necessary for you to really see yourselves at last and it is necessary for someone to say to you and open your eyes to the fact that it can no longer go on.
It is not good what you are doing in the earthly world since such lovelessness has started in you that will completely explode what keeps our universal world together.
Thank you.

I am Archangel Uriel.

Let me welcome everybody with love.
Let me welcome those with love who watch us and are curious about what message the heavenly world is sending them.
We used to defend and protect your planet and we are still doing it, we are still beside you but in another capacity.
We have been beside you all your former lives, closely safeguarded you, held your hands and tried to help you.
Now the time has come for you to act for yourselves since you are able to master your own energies and able to start out along the path which is really your path. And your way is the way you used to represent up there.
Love is present in every person’s heart and the desire is there in every person’s heart for a world to be created in which they can participate.
A new world which is only ruled by love, a new world in which you can experience all you have been unable to experience here in this earthly world.
And this is not the heavenly world.
This new world is an image, a projection, so to say, but it is already an immense heavenly plan, a world that only such love energies shall share who have been able to prove here in our earthly world that they are really able to love among these dense and stuck down energies.
They are really able to accept themselves and realise the desire of their hearts, and build up the strength in their hearts by which they can fulfil themselves.
I have brought down this message to you to make you aware that a new world is being created for you.
A world in which no physical embodiment exists.
Physical existence ceases.
Existence on physical levels can no longer continue since you have used up your earthly world.
You have generated so much lack of energy over the millennia and you have put in so much pain and sorrow in this earthly world that the Earth is no longer able to absorb these energies and the heaven is unable to sniff in so much lack of energy and therefore unable to coexist with all the living creatures of the Earth and the earthly world.
The Earth cannot live on like this.
You must recognise and be aware of this since existence in the earthly world is going to end.
This is what is really important since if you are able to comprehend that you have a part apart from you, a force that is actually an immense energy in which you can really experience yourselves – which is nothing else but your spirit – you would also be able to understand that your spiritual existence is one of your most important parts.
Everything that you have been carrying in you for lives is embodied in the spiritual existence and all you should represent down here in the earthly world is embodied in the spiritual existence.
Your spirit is trying to guide your way, control your life and aiming to create situations in life in which you can enormously develop and thereby it can also reach a higher frequency of love.
This spiritual development has come to a standstill in your earthly world.
Yours spirits are crying in pain and often wail because they are unable to guide you, unable to show you the way and this enormous energy (your spirit) is unable to show you what real love is.
You cannot experience yourselves and you, consequently, take refuge among material goods and the physical world; your own barriers enclose you.
Therefore you are unable to realise the purification of your own spirits either.
Your spirits have got born down here to reach the end of a level of development where it will no longer have to live further, get born and take up a physical body, but can function up in the heavenly world as an immense love frequency, and thereby take on the role of a guardian angel, angel or archangel and become the helpers of others.
But you are unable to develop.
Many people who get born down to your earthly world only come down to save their physical goods for themselves and their family members and beyond that, all other feelings die in them.
Also the immense desire and aspiration dies in them to operate on another level of frequency.
And the spirit shall not forget and will know what it has planned for itself up there.
It knows that this enormous aim that it should realise here in the earthly world can no longer be realised because of the physical body.
Your physical bodies have become your own barriers and obstacles to experiencing the higher level of love frequency.
After a while your physical bodies become redundant and by your physical bodies getting destroyed, your spirit will be able to live and develop much more freely, purely and honestly.
But for the reality to be created in you that it is really your spirit that primarily gets born and wants to develop, you will have to look beyond your earthly barriers, beyond your inner enclosed world and see that it was not your primary aim at the moment of your birth to collect and accumulate material goods, physical assets, a car or cars, a house or anything else that is created in the process of physical creation, so to say.
This is not what the primary aim is.
The primary aim is to experience love and that your spirits could develop further.
But since you have already denied it several times and have been unable to help your spirit so that it would pass onto a love frequency that fits it, the physical body shall cease to exist.
Consequently, the earthly world and civilisation shall close down and cease around you, and from that time on, the earthly world as an existing source shall cease for you.
Thank you.

I am Jesus.
Let me welcome everybody who is listening to, watching and seeing us, with love, as I would like to tell you a story in which I am, in which my love got embodied and in which I failed also.
I had a feeling, a force when I got down here to the earthly world that I would be able to create purity in people’s life, and open their hearts to themselves and to other people here in the earthly world.
My faith was strong and I had all the abilities to create this harmony and love in people’s hearts that they really experienced up there.
You would be and would have been able to create this in you and I thought that I would help you by getting born and teaching you about purity, honesty, harmony and love.
I would have liked to teach all the virtues that you used to represent up there in the heavenly world and what I was trying to pass on to you down here.
But so much hardship, fatigue and sorrow burdened your daily lives that you were unable to absorb the energies I represented.
You were unable to surrender yourselves to the feelings that I tried to urge towards you and transfer to you in impulses.
You were unable to understand why I had come down.
You could not and have not been able to comprehend even to this day what my aim was with it.
You say that I was a redeemer and that I had to get born to take away the sorrows of the earthly world and all the pains from here, the earthly world.
I did not come to do this.
I got born in order to create harmony and peace in your hearts and already to start an aspiration for purification that could make our world better.
That prompts people to smile when facing each other and say that they can lead balanced and happy lives.
That makes people say when looking at each other that ‘I accept you as you are and I would not like you
to be different because this is how you are valuable to me.’
From up there, when I got born I felt that I had all the strength, all the faith and all the energy to activate the love frequency and energy in the whole earthly world I represent up there.
Our inner transformation is worth the most and they gave up on me taking refuge in their inner despair.
People thought that I was not pure; people thought that I represented impure energies and I could not create harmony and peace on Earth.
But let us examine it more closely.
I left this earthly world among immense excruciation and hardship and an image was created of me, a picture in which they actually glorified me and said that I had in fact represented pure and honest love.
You say prayers for me and to me, you pray to Virgin Mary and all the archangels of the heavenly world so that you can change your own lives and would be able to experience love.
Prayers are no longer sufficient.
When I got born, I thought that I would be able to create the possibility for you to create a world around you without prayers but by using your conscious energy to create a world around you in which you can experience the purity and honesty you have brought down from up there.
Let me point out again that I did not think I would not be able to fully complete my mission.
I did not think that I would be powerless to complete all I had planned up there.
This is not what I had planned.
I would have liked to create the happiness and harmony in every person’s heart and the possibility for you to realize it yourselves.
And tell me, as the centuries and more and more centuries have gone by since me and many valuable earthly energies left your earthly world, what you have done for yourselves?
Have you been able to develop?
Have you been able to notice love, peace and harmony in yourselves?
Have you been able to change your fate?
We are very sad and I am filled with sadness to see that the answer to this question is ‘no’.
I am sad to see that you have been unable to experience the happiness and love in you.
I am sad to see that what I was unable to start in you has not changed ever since.
A famous master teacher, or one or two famous heavenly teachers got born among you to try and help you and transfer the energies that you might need to have purification started in you, after which you will see the happiness and harmony in your lives that is now really invisible to you since you are surrounded with so many barriers and so many limits.
These physical barriers are what limit your energies and why you are unable to see yourselves.
You cannot make your way in your physical world.
Your physical self is already a burden for you and you cannot fulfil yourselves in your physical existence.
I then decided to leave the earthly world young and assume the many human sorrows and take away the pain with me so that it would be easier for you.
I have decided to come back to you and I shall return since I am forced to get born to erase this immense lack of energy from the earthly world and create peace in your hearts so that in those who are able to change their own lives and face themselves, an immense purification process could be started by which the opportunity can be created for them to reach so high frequencies on the spiritual levels that they can be part of a new world.
I am able to create the energies into which I am getting born, I am able to create the emotions in which I can conceive and I am able to create the earthly world I then was actually incapable of creating.
At the moment of the first birth when the human being comes down here to the earthly world, a feeling gets conceived and created that he would redeem the world.
An emotion is created that I am getting embodied and shall fulfil what I used to represent in the heavenly world.
An emotion is created that makes you comprehend that I am bringing down here to the earthly world what I represented up there, and continue to represent it along with everything else.
But this emotion gets dispersed in the earthly world when you cannot realise yourselves since you are surrounded by so much lack of energy and you are not able to experience your strength or utilise your love to be able to experience this energy.
And then I say that I failed a little then … not even a little, Ildikó, I did fail then.
But I am going to get born now and create the possibility in every person’s heart by which you can get even stronger.
I will have to come down since you need me and I will have to come down since I need to support the heavenly world by doing so.
I would not like to say more, Ildikó, just that I really loved to live as a human being; I really loved to live and see people happy.
I would have liked to see that all the lives I have seen so far fulfilled by earthly people had been spent in such happiness and cheerfulness as my couple of childhood years.
But as soon as the apathy got started in me or rather against me, and the lovelessness that you could not really experience in yourselves, my heart began to turn sad, my soul began to feel heavy, my spirit started to be sore and I felt I had no place here in the earthly world.
I felt what I could do I would do for you and in the very last moments I was leaving your earthly world still begging for you.
But now I feel even stronger and I shall be able to create again what I once could not.

Archangel Raphael has come to you.
I have come, Ildikó, to heal your hearts, yours and every person’s because you need the wounds to be healed that you have accumulated over the millennia.
You need us and you need our help in order to get out of the purification or rather complete the purification in a way that you would leave it with honesty, purity and honour.
A very difficult process is before you since in this process we are going to open your hearts.
We are going to open every person’s heart and the many pains and sorrows, the many sleepless nights will burst out from every person’s heart you have also experienced in your former lives.
All the sadness is going to burden your hearts, souls and spirits that you have not really feel but experienced by suppressing them in you.
These deep feelings are going to burst out of you and they are going to be one of the main sources of change that you are going to feel about you.
This is the change that we are going to start in you.
I have told you all these so that you would not get frightened of it, but you must also know that the change serves your good.
You must know that for us this change is that after it you will be able to live purely and honestly and represent yourselves in the hope of a happier new world.
The hope you have nourished towards the heavenly world is now going to be realised here in your earthly world.
But you must be pure and honest with yourselves to realise it, and see the world around you in a purified state.
And here is the promise of the heavenly world: it shall not fail you.
While it is also sure that you will have to act for yourselves.
And it is also sure that you will have to stand trials, by which we mean physical trials, situations in life, conflicts, lacks of energy brought in from former lives, which you have to overcome and thereby create peace and harmony in you and, having survived these challenges, see yourselves in love.
This is what makes this process difficult since the many disharmonies that are going to reach you multiplied shall drift you towards more difficult life tasks and situations, but in those who can overcome them the hope appears that they may able to create ove in their hearts, stand on their own feet by getting purified with their own strength and create a world around them in which they can experience themselves in happiness.

Archangel Uriel is with us again.
He would like to talk about how important it is for people to think positively and that positive values would take the place and role in their hearts.
Such energy has been started in people that they cannot break free from and cannot escape from since this energy has been started by the heavenly world and there is no way out of it; you can only go forward, along the path of purification.
You can only get purified of it if we nourish our bodies with positive reinforcement and inner strength, let them be mantras or inner reinforcements – physical, spiritual, conscious or mental – with which we nourish our body, soul and spirit.
How can this be done?
The conscious energy of the heavenly world is very strong and very strong is the energy represented by the heavenly world and it most strongly affects our conscious too since we contact the heavenly world through our conscious.
This energy exerts influence through our conscious and spirit, or to make it easier to understand, it affects our conscious most, and if fear energies are embodied in our conscious and an inner lack of energy is started, it is going to get embodied and manifested in the physical reality much faster than before.
If someone has fears of certain things, these fears will get even stronger.
If a lack of energy has been started in us that we have so far not been able to get out of, from childhood, or due to phobias or obsessions, it is going to appear more strongly and with it getting manifested ever stronger, a physical change might be started in us too.
Our spirit wants to develop.
Our spirit can only develop if it has got purified.
All the lacks of energy brought along from our former lives are stored by our spirit.
If our spirit wants to get purified of them, it can only do so through our physical bodies.
If our physical bodies are unable to absorb these energies, a lack of energy is started in us.

A feeling is started in us that will make us ill.
Since you do not perceive your spirit and you do not know what lacks of energy are hidden in it, I can only advise you that any positive feeling you have should be given prominence.
All positive energy you have suppressed in you must be called forth and you must try to strengthen yourself day after day.
You must not think of negative feelings or experiences, you must not create even in a conscious way any negative projection around you in which death, illness or fear is embedded.
I ask you to try and consider your life positively and even if this energy and purification process is started or has already been started towards you, try and strengthen yourselves since this is the only way for you to ease your life.
It is the only way you can help yourself in getting out of the purification and start along the path of happiness as soon as possible.
If you manage to overcome your own lacks of energy, the tasks carried along from your former lives that you have failed to fulfil, and your emotions, you will be able to live in happiness, harmony, success and bliss.
But if you don’t, your fate shall hold illness, more and more conflicts, accidents and disharmonies.
We would not speak about them now, since we would not like to frighten you more.
Suffice it to know that you have to act for yourselves and for being able to experience the purification process here in this earthly world so that you could lead a happier and purer life afterwards.

I am Virgin Mary.
I have come to say good-bye to those who watch us.
I would like to help you to find yourselves.

This film was made for us to try and open your eyes, to try and make you understand that this world is not about what you are experiencing now.
In this world you must not only experience what is going on around you, but must also look a little bit further.
You must look further and think, ‘in my earthly life not what I am collecting and sharking up is important, but the love of my heart and whether I can experience myself and the others purely.’
In your earthly world immense lacks of energy have been unleashed and now we would like you to put these lacks of energy right in your heads and would like these lacks of energy to be transformed into energy and thereby create the possibility for you to be part of a new world.
We do not promise you anything.
We say that the process has been started.
The energies have been started, not now, but in the coming weeks and months we are going to emit energy more and more and in the coming year even stronger energy is going to be emitted to you.
Enormous sorrows and pains are going enter your lives in which you must in fact experience your purification processes.
Those whom have already been targeted by the energy, can live in happiness as early as the coming year, but very few chosen people are the ones who can experience it.
But let us ask also you to have perseverance…
But I would also like to tell you that the energy already started in you is irreversible.
I would also like you to know that these energies are going to start enormous changes in your lives and evoke immense emotions in you.
They are going to work enormous forces around you and you are going to be able to absorb vast universal energies.
You need this universal energy to appear in your earthly world.
You need this universal energy to surround the earthly world and thereby the island of peace and harmony be created.
Such a new world could be created thereby in which everybody can live in happiness and harmony.
But it is not going to happen here, but in an immense spiritual world far from your earthly world where you basically continue your lives so far but in another form.
This is what in fact gives you the hope of a new world.
But this is what may make you sad since in your earthly world the lack of energy has already been created about which you have not even known since you have been living in it.
You did not feel it because you were part of it and therefore you were unable to change it.
We have tried to help you but could not pull out pains and lacks of energy with such force by which this earthly world could be changed.
Now is the time for you to help yourselves, help us and help create the world in which you shall be happy, honest and pure.
Now I am asking you to face yourselves and see what you are.
We are going to do nothing else but stand by you and help you and we are going to do nothing else but give strength to you to complete this.
Do not be afraid of the changes in your lives, do not be afraid that you would have to live in another way than before since all these energies serve your spirits to develop.
All these help you reach a higher love frequency.
I can only say about these changes that you will have to experience them.
I can only tell you to be strong and try to be persistent since the end of the change is not dependent on you.
It is how you experience it is going to depend on you only.
We have started the change.
So from now on, this way or another, change is inevitably going to occur if you have not lived as you should have so far, and you have not been able to be honest and pure to yourself, and not only in this life but also in your former lives.
Do not be afraid even if you wonder why you must experience the things you encountered in your former lives now again and why you have to pay for it now, in this life.
But we say to you, this is the only way for us to purify you, and this is the only way you can start along the path of purification.
I have come now to try and encourage you and to give you a chance to be yourselves and to experience all the truth, honour, purity and honesty here in the earthly world that you represented up there.
I would not like to speak a lot but ask you to have faith, have strength, perseverance and trust in you towards the heavenly world that it would never let you down and never let go of your hands.
I cannot say more than that I love you and would like the aspiration to be started in every person’s heart for happiness, and the desire started in every person’s heart to be and become part of a world in which only love, purity, honour, harmony and solidarity are the most important.
Thank you.
Virgin Mary

You are exposed to a universal force.
This force is a centrifugal force on your Earth in which space and time ceases to exist and in accordance with the law of mutual attraction the Earth is going to cease to exist as a planet.
It is an energy field that surrounds you and affects the existence of the Earth by accelerating space and time, terminating difference and washing away every existing boundary and erasing every human form of existence.
Our experience so far shows that civilisation on Earth has been in existence for several million years but this centrifugal force is so strong that you will be unable to withstand the changes resulting from time acceleration and you will be unable to proceed with time.
Conscious is going to cease to exist and, within your energies of existence without the conscious, the body shall also cease to exist and an antipole is getting created outside the earthly world that is going to destroy all this for good.
Your energy field is starting to feed this pole more and more, and the earthly frequency is ever increasing.
The physical body and soul are getting burdened and in your spirits the aspiration towards higher frequencies is getting started.
A process gets started in which there is no stop since spacelessness and timelessness clear away everything that is inside you and let go of everything tied to the universal energy.
This is going to be the terminal phase of ‘fulfilment’, since you will be unable to keep to your paths without the change to take place in you and you shall be unable to withstand if you fail to let go of your past. The End.
The possibility is going to be created for you to find you way into the higher levels of the universe by relying on your own energies by getting to know the limits of your energies.
You are not able to look beyond you and thereby you are unable to see everything that is going on around you.
The time has come to be aware of all in which you live, the origin of your reality.
Your creative energies are going to multiply, you shall be able to create in you and around you within moments even without corporeality.
You can start unpleasant changes in you and around you but you can also start pleasant emotions and changes.

You must be able to get to know all that you are so that you can develop further and reach a higher frequency by getting ever higher without any external help but utilising your own inner energies.

Your incapacity derives from that you have so far been unable to fulfil all these and face your own lack of energy but now you are going to be forced to face the situations in which you are involved for the sake of development to a higher level.
You energies may multiply after such purification, and you become capable of starting further purification processes in you.

You shall be like generators for your own and others’ lives, and live like generators in your own and others’ reality.
It is very difficult to experience this in love and harmony but who are able to create their own inner harmony besides these, are going to be able to stand their ground in this ‘depraved’ world.
You must be able to create the strength in you to experience newer and newer miracles by pulling through again and again, and be able to see everything, your earthly world in the light of your godly brilliance.
We cannot help you in any other way than by harsh words since your eyes have not been opened so far and you have been unable to create enough energy so far to start this, but now the time is here, it is all over, and it is necessary for you to nourish pure, true and loyal emotions towards you and others.
You can only count on yourselves in your mishaps and that you are able to experience and overcome what you have experienced in the past and to create the strength in you to see the light in your and others’ lives beyond the way of thinking laden with earthly barriers.
My only request to you is to be grateful to yourselves and to the universe for being given the chance to get purified and get to know yourselves, and for stopping everything you have been carrying in you at last and that only the strength of love is going to guide you.
It is necessary for us to support you but we can only give you advice and tell you what is happening to you so that you would not get frightened and would know that not the ‘evil’ is behind all these but only the universal energy that is trying to pass on messages to you and help you that still trusts that mankind will still be able to experience the cohesive force of the heavenly world and the higher spheres by overcoming itself.

This is why this video has been made.

A desire springs from inside and an aspiration is started which includes your external world.
A desire springs from inside and an aspiration is started in which you can create everything you have been born down for.
Do not think you are not strong, do not think you have little faith and do not think that you are unable to create all that we are talking to you about.
We would like you to compose yourselves and see the strength and the will in you by which you are able to leave your own narrowed down world behind and create a world around you in the emotion utilised by the conscious energy that you would actually like to experience.
You must not think that this world could be worse.
Your world can only be better if you get purified and your world can only be better if you get rid of all the tensions, conflicts, emotions and hardships of your former lives and you can realise the happiness you experienced up there in a pure way by experiencing yourselves.